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Samuel Wilson cr. 1790

Michael A. Wilson Sr. cr. 1780




Wilson Tree

WILSON & Related Families

Thank You

We would like to express our deep appreciation to all who have made contributions to genealogical research on the Wilson & Related Families. A special thanks to the following:

SAMUEL'S line:

June Wilson, whose husband, Leo, descends from Jacob, and their son, Robert, did much of the early research. Robert died of cancer at the age of 23. He was very active in our research for several years.

Jo Wilson, husband William I. Wilson, descends from Jacob, and a brother of Leo, have actively researched along with June.

June's contacts both in the community and with the Reynolds County Missouri Genealogical Society gave us much contact with relatives; i.e. Milbourne Wilson, grandson of James Hasty; Zona Laxton, grand daughter of Polly Wilson and John Snodgrass; Neva Bolton, great grand daughter of Riley; Dorothy Mazziotta, great grand daughter of Easter Wilson and John George; Mikel Miller, great grandson of Jemima Delana Wilson and John L. Pogue; Kay Engle, great grand daughter of James Warren:Some of the above have now passed away, and they are many more that have given us their immediate family material, but I owe much of what I have to June and Robert, alone. They are the ones who gathered it together.

Jerry W. Murphy,Co-Coordinator Wayne County Web Page and a distant cousin who helps keep us straight on all our Tennessee facts.

William Wesley Wilson, who's book "The Wilson & Roller Families of Wayne County, Tennessee" served as a guide and inspiration.

William "Earl" Wilson who remembered the names and stories that tie Samuel's line together. His Wife Glen LUCAS Wilson who had the foresight to have Granny Wilson (Violet Elizabeth ROLLER Wilson 1851-1947), wife of William Wallace Wilson, dictate names for their family Bible.


Jenny Beam and mother, Jeanie Wilson Strickland, have provided us with most of Michael's line.

Edgar D. Byler, III, Editor, Wayne County Historian, Wayne County, Tennessee, USA & Co-Coordinator Wayne County Web Page for contributions on his distant relative, Denson Wilson.

G. E. Wilson, WebMaster