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Samuel Wilson cr. 1790

Michael A. Wilson Sr. cr. 1780



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WILSON & Related Families


A tremendous amount of research and information has been contributed by others not listed on this page. We acknowledge their contributions individually on our "Thank You" Page. Only researchers that are making regular contributions to this web site are listed here. Should you have ties to the Wilson & Related Families you would be welcomed as a Contributing Researcher to this web site. If you have any questions about this family or information to contribute, please contact one of the individuals listed below.

Samuel Wilson
  • Jo Wilson, Primary Researcher, e-mail and Husband, William I. Wilson, descends from Samuel through Jacob Wilson.
  • June Wilson, whose husband, Leo, descends from Jacob, also.
  • William Earl and son G. E. Wilson e-mail descendants of Samuel through William Wallace Wilson.

Michael A. Wilson (Sr.)
  • Jenny Beam, Primary Researcher, e-mail and Mother, Jeanie Wilson Strickland descendants of Michael A. through Michael A. Wilson Jr.

G. E. Wilson, WebMaster