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Samuel Wilson cr. 1790

Michael A. Wilson Sr. cr. 1780



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Granny Coxey was a witch. At least, that was what some people in her "neck of the woods" in the Missouri Ozarks thought. It could have been her appearance, it could have been her laugh, or it could have been ----- well,

Catherine McCoy Wilson was walking home from a neighbor's and just before reaching her house, Granny Coxey's dogs came from nowhere, attacking Catherine, biting her severely. Jacob Nelson heard his wife's screams, and came running. He chased the dogs away, took Catherine to the house, and helped her treat her wounds. He then got his gun, and went to Granny's. He shot and killed the dogs that had done such vicious harm to his wife.

Granny Coxey shook a finger at him, and replied, "You'll be sorry you did that".

A couple of days later, Jacob Nelson went to the barn to get his team to do some work on the farm. The mare would not come out of the stall. He tried coaxing, she didn't budge. He tried force to no avail. She wouldn't come out, and, further, wouldn't eat. This went on for three days.

On the third day, Jacob Nelson was again trying to get the mare out of her stall, when from behind him he heard Granny say, "I can get her out". Jacob told her to try.

WitchGranny went up to the mare, whispered something in her ear, and out of the stall she came. She went straight down to the pond, got a drink, and fell over, DEAD.

Granny gave her piercing laugh "Hee-hee-hee", and off she went.


One day Bennett was about nine years old he was playing cowboy with a little rope he had looped so that he could lasso things in the yard. His Mother told him to go to the pasture and bring up the calves so that they could give them some milk. He ignored her. Again she told him to go roud up the calves and he ignored her. The third time she came out the door and said "Bennett I wish you would go get those calves." He turned around and replied "I wish you would hush!"

He knew he would be in trouble but neither he nor Tom minded a spanking from her. Suddenly his Dad grabbed him with one hand and took his little rope in the other and gave him a spanking he would not forget. He said he never again sassed his Mother without first looking to see if Pa was around!

~Claudus Bennett Wilson as told to his son William Earl

BoozeWilliam Wallace Wilson was a bit of a scoundrel and was inclined to get a little tipsy at times. One Saturday afternoon he entered Maupin's Department store in Whitney, Texas in a sightly enibreated condition. Mr. Maupin approached him and said "Bill, I can't have you in here in front of my wife and these other fine ladies in such a state; you're going to have to get out of here."

He wandered down the street and met one of his buddies to whom he told the tale. The friend asked, "Bill, why didn't you cuss him out!" To which Great Grandfather replied,"Well I would but I don't cuss!"

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